I think that I was just a jerk to the neighbor kid.  He lives next door and just jumped our fence to get a baseball that dropped over.  It happened once before and I didn’t move quick enough to say “why are you in my yard?”  This time, I saw him stand along the fence and come into the yard, so I opened the door and said “Umm… I don’t really like the whole jumping the fence thing.”  He asked if I wanted him to ring the bell next time and I said yes.  I don’t think that I was mean… but now I feel like kind of a jerk.  The thing is, I don’t even know this kid (he’s probably in high school)’s name.

If we didn’t have a fence I don’t think that I would mind at all… I just feel like we have a privacy fence for a reason.

P.S. About 30 minutes after I originally posted this, he and his friend put another (two) over the fence and I saw his friend try to come over the fence!  I got to the balls first, though, and tossed them back over after I saved them from Harrison.


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