Facts and Fiction

I like Grey’s Anatomy.  I DVR it and watch it every week.  I watch it for the drama, and of course because it’s a medical drama.  There’s something that totally ticks me off about it though… the medical facts are completely skewed.  Because I am not, by any means, an expert I do not always catch all of the inaccuracies and medical dramatizations, but I caught a lot of the wrong in tonight’s episode regarding the 30 week neonate.  Here is a short list:

  • a physician would never kangaroo a baby
  • a nurse would never kangaroo a baby (we would absolutely hold, but not kangaroo)
  • it is not okay to rock a preterm infant (this causes motion sickness)
  • it would not be okay to remove CPAP from an infant whose heart rate was less than 60 unless you were going to intubate immediately
  • there would be nurses and respiratory therapists everywhere
  • RNs would be the ones pushing drugs and doing all of the dirty work
  • medical professionals do not explain every little bit of the diagnosis to each other (i.e. a peds surgeon telling residents what “short gut” is… a resident should know what that is)

In my personal opinion, these fallacies and extreme cases do not do the public at large any good.  People who see these shows may actually expect life/hospitalizations/illnesses/codes/real life to happen in the way they see on these shows, only to be horribly disappointed when the outcome is not the pretty picture that they see on Grey’s or Private Practice or any other number of TV shows.  Oh, how I wish that the networks would portray accurate and probable outcomes rather than the things that don’t happen.  You can create plenty of drama without erasing the line between fact and fallacy.  Just walk the halls of your local hospital.


P.S. Read this post to see what the news media likes to tell the public about NICU.


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