Hello, Monday!


Unfamiliar with the concept of “Not Me! Monday”?  Head over to MckMama’s blog and check out what she and others have not been doing this week!

  • After making fun of countless people for wearing skinny jeans, I did NOT purchase a pair this week, simply because I was at Banana Republic and they had a pair in my size for less than $13… plus 10% off, plus a gift card.  Would I ever give in to a fashion craze simply because it became cheap?  No way!  Not me!
  • I did NOT completely freak out when Harrison could not stop vomiting for 30+ minutes and rush him to the vet because I was so worried.  I did NOT tell the vet that I know what to do with people when this happens… but have no clue what to do with a dog!  I did NOT almost cry the whole way to his office because all of the possibilities of the causes of this intractable vomiting.  He is NOT fine now.  I do NOT have the best vet ever!
  • I did NOT cry the entire way through the “Grey’s Anatomy” season premiere.
  • I did NOT forgo my organic meat convictions and buy regular chicken because it was $1.99/lb.

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