Not Me!

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One night this week I did NOT wake up in the middle of the night practically screaming because my leg hurt.  This did NOT wake up my husband who asked if I was okay and then promptly fell back asleep.

I did NOT stay up for a while because I was afraid that I had a blood clot in my leg.  I was NOT afraid that it would become an embolus and cause a heart attack or stroke.  I did NOT assess for heat and redness when I got up to use the bathroom as an excuse to assess my leg.  I did NOT have to fight the urge to run into the other room to grab my nursing textbooks and look up the symptoms of a DVT (deep vein thrombosis).  One of the reasons that I did NOT use for staying in bed was that moving around could cause a thrombus to dislodge.  I did NOT pray asking God to take me quickly if I were to have a stroke and would just be a vegetable.  I then did NOT ask Him to let me live because it would screw Andrew up royally to wake up to a dead wife in the bed.

After falling asleep, I did NOT have a dream that I was in the ER and it was indeed a DVT that needed immediate treatment.

I am NOT fine now.  I am NOT a hypochondriac.  I did NOT almost certainly have a charley-horse.


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