Not Me Monday!

Unfamaliar with the concept of “Not Me! Monday”?  Head over to MckMama’s blog to learn more!

This week, I certainly did NOT make about five trips to Target to get one thing, return it at another, and then have to go back to the original waaaaay across town.

I also did NOT go to a new grocery store this week, (one where you pay a quarter for your cart and then get it back when you return it) and could not figure out how to reconnect the carts to get my quarter back.  Also, when another customer offered to give me a quarter, I was not totally confused and I did not stare blankly at the woman until she handed me the quarter and took the cart.

I also did NOT do many other things… but I did not write them down and cannot think of them right now… so that’s all for this week!


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