I finally have internet and cable again!  I am so excited that I can rejoin the modern world, although, I have to say, I got a lot done when there was no TV or Facebook to distract me.  I got my house (mostly) painted, got drapes (after about 500 Target runs), all of our furniture moved in, and the house (mostly) set up.  I still have a lot of little things at the old house, but we have most of our essentials with us.

Tonight we were able to have my sister-in-law and her family over to show off our new house, and the park that has lake acess right across the street.  It’s so nice to finally be in our first home!!!


One thought on “Yes!

  1. I made myself go Internet-free last Friday just because I was tired of wasting so much time online. If I let myself go on a little, it’s way too easy for me to stay on a lot longer than I mean to – it was actually pretty nice going without it for a day!

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