Attitude Adjustment

I have needed an attitude adjustment all day.  This is what happens when you are over tired and haven’t spent enough time with Jesus.

Every little thing bothered me today.  Seriously.  Working in the nursery one of the other workers made a benign comment to me and I wanted to say, “Seriously?  I only do this for a living.”  And then during the service I picked apart every little thing about the music.  The whole time I kept telling myself to get a grip and grow up.  Nothing that I was getting bothered by was actually worth getting worked up about!

Ugh.  I could go on and on about the things that were bothering me… but it would serve no purpose.  I just hope that I sleep well tonight (read: that the dogs don’t keep me awake with their random noises at 2 am) and that work tomorrow will go well.


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