Okay all of you dog lovers and dog owners, I have a question for you.  How do you keep your home smelling fresh and clean and free (or semi-free) of dog odor.  With Andy this was never a problem because he doesn’t sweat a whole lot, and his coat is very thin.  However, Harrison has a thick coat, and will grow into a large dog.  I’d like for friends and family with allergies to be able to bear to be in my home, and not have their nostrils assaulted by dog odor.  Actually, I’d like to walk in my door and not be assaulted by dog odor.

I know the basics… I mean, duh!  Vaccuum and give the dog a bath… but there have to be other things to help keep my house smelling fresh and clean.

So bring on your tips!


2 thoughts on “Question

  1. We don’t have dogs since Trent and I are both allergic, but I will tell you that it’s not the odor people are allergic to, it’s the dander. Dander will especially hide out in carpets and upholstery and even in the air. If you want to keep allergens to a minimum, I’d recommend keeping the dogs off the furniture and airing out your house before having guests with allergies.
    BTW your new pup is adorable!

    • Thanks for your input, Allison! We are definitely keeping the dogs off of the furniture, but I’ll keep airing out the house in the back of my mind, too.

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