House hunting that is… can be frustrating.  We found a house last week that we liked and put in an offer, but it was rejected.  I originally said that I wouldn’t be too disappointed if we didn’t get that house because it wasn’t in our ideal location, but it was perfect for a young family.  Well, turns out, I was disappointed.  So we started the search again.  Last night we saw a house in the same neighborhood that we liked even more, and is a little cheaper.  We also think that we go to church with this family.  Small world.  Anyway, we are going to look at a few more houses before we decide to put in an offer anywhere else.  I hope that this hunt comes to a swift and pleasant end, because I’m really looking forward to garbage disposal, a garage, and a master bedroom that has a window.

On a side note, I should be an aunt again at the end of the day!


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