I love him

I love him

Last night, as it was taking me forever to fall asleep, I snuggled up to Andrew simply because I could, and was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the gift of my wonderful husband.  It is simply amazing to me that the Lord chose to bless me (and at such a young age) with such an amazing man who loves me so well.

Here are some of the reasons I love him:

  • He is the most difficult person in the world to annoy.  Seriously.
  • He loves Jesus.
  • He loves people.  A lot.  Waaaaay more than I do.
  • He is generous.
  • He cooks for me.
  • He is selfless, although he would beg to differ.
  • He is totally opposite me in so many ways, which balances me out perfectly.
  • He is a thinker.
  • He loves his family.
  • He loves my family and has a special place in his heart for my “baby” brother (who now has Facebook, by the way, which totally freaks me out)
  • He’s a studmuffin.  Yes.  I said studmuffin.
  • He loves me so much better than I deserve.

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