Ahhh, Monday

Unfamiliar with the concept of “Not Me Monday”?  Head over to MckMama’s blog.

  • I certainly did NOT drop yogurt on the floor and then encourage, nay, stand over said yogurt pile and practically force the dog to clean it up.
  • The next day, I did NOT come home from a pleasant morning with my mom, only to find dog poop on the floor.  I then did NOT yell “bad dog!” as loudly as I dared and then kick him out of the house for a minute so that I could clean it up, only to go outside (about 35.6 seconds later), to find that he was no longer in the yard.  Following all of this, which could NEVER have happened to me, a nice neighbor did NOT come walking down the street with the animal in tow.
  • After making a bold statement (to myself) that I would NOT call the pest control company because I didn’t want to fill my house with chemicals… I would try to get rid of the annoyances myself with borax and keeping a really clean house — I certainly did NOT go back on my word and call because I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

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