New Endeavor

The other day I was reading through a blog which led me to another blog which let me to another website that introduced (at least to me) a new idea.  The idea is that you take a picture every day as an attempt to improve photography and photo editing skills.  It also just helps to document your day-to-day life.  Now, I am no Stacy or Megan or Jason or any other good photographer for that matter; I am just an ordinary person who likes to look at pretty pictures.  Oh, yeah, and I am also someone who wishes she were talented like that.

I have a very basic point and shoot camera (Canon SD 1000) that has a good number of settings (at least to ordinary me), that I have not even begun to experiment with yet.  I also have access to Photoshop, thanks to my wonderful husband, Andrew.  Now, how these two things will end up fitting together, in addition to newbie photographer me, I have no idea.  So.  If you have any great insight, or just a few (simple) tips on how to better use the camera or Photoshop, please be my guest!

Without further ado, I present to you my first (edited?) picture.  And because you probably can’t tell, I cropped it and removed a few skin blemishes with some “spot healing brush” tool.

On Courteny's visit to Florida

On Courtney's visit to Florida


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