Sometimes I get really tired of everyone berating conventional medicine and those who work in it.  I get tired of people looking at you like every word coming out of your mouth is a lie.  I get really tired of people acting like they know more than me about my job, or more than the doctors who spent years in school and residency and who continue to learn.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be an advocate for yourself and your loved ones, or that you shouldn’t be informed, because even the most knowledgable professional may overlook something sometimes.  And, no, modern medicine does not hold all of the answers, in fact, it still has a long way to go.  But people also shouldn’t act like those who work really hard and dilligently to take care of them are just in it for the money, because let me tell you something, the money is not that good.


One thought on “Convention

  1. I like to get a balanced perspective from medical doctors like Dr. Sears or Mercola and other not-so-conventional people like my chiropractor and midwife. You are right, it’s not fair to categorize a whole group of people as being one way or another.

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