Cooking Myself… Starved?

Have you seen the new show “Cook Yourself Thin”?  Well, according to them, the formula for the number of calories you (if you’re a woman) should eat everyday is 10 x ideal weight.  So.  If your ideal is 150 lbs., you get to eat 1500 calories (to maintain your IBW).  That’s not very much.  And for someone of my stature, that’s less than 1200 calories/day.  I would starve!!  Needless to say, I don’t think that formula is going to work for me.

Anyway, the premise of the show is that you can still eat your favorite food and still lose weight by using substitues to cut calories and fat.  Well, the first several weeks of the show, I didn’t see anything that I would actually cook… but then!  They had a recipe on how to roast a chicken.  It was yummy!!!  And I’m really excited to try their quiche.  It has potatoes as the crust instead of regular store bought pie crust.  I can’t wait to try it!


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