Not Me Monday


My sister in law Kelley turned me on to this blog about a mom of four who has a son with a heart condition, who originally wasn’t even supposed to be born alive.  But he is, thanks to the grace of God!  Anyway, on Mondays she posts her “not mes”.  Embarrassing things that she most definitely do NOT do.  She invited her readers to do the same… so here is my first ever!

Last Monday night I did NOT return home from small group to find a note taped to our door, “Hey guys, Andy has been howling all night.  It is now 10, howling since 7 pm.”  After which I certainly did NOT think, “Great, now he annoys our neighbors, too”.  After which I did NOT say, “Andrew, we didn’t leave until 7:45, and it is just now 10.” 

Tuesday morning I certainly did NOT eat chocolate chips for breakfast because I was NOT too lazy to make any real food.  And I was definitely NOT watching Golden Girls while eating my nutritious breakfast.

During a day at work I did NOT get extraordinarily irritated at a person whose opinion I should not value in the slightest, and she did NOT make me want to use “language uncharacteristic of myself”.  And then I did NOT come home and blog about it.

And finally, I did NOT post all of the things that I did NOT do on the internet for everyone to see!


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