I almost gave up on organic food today, or at least organic meat, when a pound of chicken was about $10.  I started thinking, “Why am I paying $10 for a pound when I could get over 2 pounds for the same price?!”  However, I continued on my way, sticking my Greenwise chicken into my cart and just sighed.  Until I got to the cash register.  I spent waaaaayy more money than I usually do because I had stocked up on so much organic food.  Much as it hurt my wallet to fork over my credit card, I did it anyway.

By the time I got home I was almost mad at myself for spending so much, and then I recalled a recent conversation about organics.  Three of us were talking about work, it all started with organic sheets a coworker bought, and then we started talking about food.  One person pointed out that kids had lived for years on non-organic food and done fine.  I agreed for a split second and then remembered something.  We’re not fine!  Almost 20 percent of American children are overweight!  80 percent of those overweight children will become obese adults.  Those overweight and obese children/adults are at a tremendous risk for debilitating diseases like diabetes, cancer, and all sorts of heart diseases.  Most of the weight gain can be attributed to what we eat.  Non-organic food is much more likely to be “processed” and have high fructose corn syrup, which researchers believe turns off the “full” chemical in our brains.  Plus, processed foods have so many chemicals in them that have the potential to lead to all sorts of cancers and other diseases.  Why would I want to put that junk in my body?

I know it’s expensive.  I can’t go all organic.  But I will continue to buy what I can, shop smart, and only eat non-organic chicken when it’s on sale for $1.99/lb.


4 thoughts on “Organic

  1. Oh man, good for you Erin! You’re an inspiration! 🙂 I’m the cheapest cheapo at the grocery store.

    You are right though, kids are NOT fine. Food is only a small part of it though, in my opinion. We live in a toxic world…

  2. It bums me out that I can’t afford to buy much organic anymore. However, I still can’t bring myself to buy junk – I’ve even been known to make my own crackers!

    As far as people who comment that we never used to eat organic & are fine…I think they don’t realize that we also didn’t use so many pesticides & other chemicals in our society, either.

  3. “Most of the weight gain can be attributed to what we eat.”

    I’m not sure that I entirely agree with this, especially with respect to kids. While I’m not arguing that processed foods are the greatest thing in the world, or that everyone should consume as much HFCS as possible (although I’m guilty of that)…the other side of the “caloric equation” is energy (or calories) expended.

    I’ve never had fantastic eating habits, even as a child, but I was a healthy weight because I played outside, participated in sports, etc. I’d place a lot of blame for kids being fat on sedentary lifestyles.

    • Absolutely, weight gain = more calories consumed than burned. But I was also talking about other health risks that we run into when we eat foods that have lots of unnatural things in them as well as sheer volume.

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