Mean people

Sometimes people are really mean and judgemental.  It’s annoying, frustrating, and hurtful.  For instance, the other day at work, when someone asked how old my husband and I are, they immediately said, “Oh, wow.  So he never had time to spread his wild oats?!”  Who are you?!  Who are you to judge me and my marriage when we have only worked together twice and you know nothing about me and my life?!  This is why I try very hard not to judge others when I have no clue what their motivation is.  True, I sometimes often fail, but at least I try!


2 thoughts on “Mean people

  1. It’s so hard not to get worked up over what people say. Good you have the wisdom to be aware of your own attitudes and reactions though.
    Not that it’s even the issue, but getting married in your early 20’s is wonderful. I was 21 when Trent and I got married and though we had dated for several years there’s a certain amount of “growing up” we were able to do as a couple after the wedding. I have always been glad we got married young despite the current trend for later weddings.

  2. getting married young can be awesome.

    And sowing your wild oats is actually not as physiologically normal as it is made out to be. Our bodies are hard wired to bond with people with whom we have sex, and therefore casual sex is usually the cause of a lot of chemical and emotional confusion within the body. You can say that next time. It’s a non-personal, non-judgmental and educated response. 🙂 Or you can just tell her you’re giving him all the “wild” he could ever want. lol

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