Sincerely Nice

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about extending grace to those I don’t particularly appreciate, and being intentional about it.  Last week I was talking to a friend about a particular person for whom I felt led to pray, and a few friends felt the same way.  We were talking about being Jesus with skin on to this person, and hoping that this person would come to know Christ as a result.  Well, today I was talking to a different friend on the same subject but with a little twist.  How do you go about loving someone intentionally that you don’t “appreciate” all the time without being fake nice?  And by that I mean how do you go about caring when you really don’t, and all you really want to say is “get over yourself”, but you’re really trying to be kind and loving?

Because back to my previous post, Christ continues to extend grace to me, and I would hope for the same from His followers.  So I need to do the same.  It’s just so difficult sometimes.


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