Hello and Goodbye!

If you have seen any of my Facebook statuses in the last few weeks, you probably know that I have really been looking forward to getting a new car and selling my old one.  Well, the Lord provided a great guy from who we bought a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe with only 20,000 miles.  We got it at a great price, and the service was excellent.  (So if you need a car, I definitely recommend this guy)

Anyway, we have been praying that we would be able to sell my old car quickly and for a good price, because we really needed to replenish our savings account.  We received a lot of terrible inquiries that turned out to be a big, fat, waste of time.  Well, today while I was at work, Andrew called to me that he had sold the car!  And for only $100 under our asking price!  What a blessing!

And so this post is to say farewell to my dear old friend Lucy

My "red headed" spitfire

My "red headed" spitfire

And hello to my new friend Ethel.

My faithful, loyal friend Ethel.

My faithful, loyal friend Ethel.

Yes, I named my cars after Lucy and Ethel of “I Love Lucy”.


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