I was sitting in church today, faithfully listening to the message when all of a sudden, a scene from “Yes, Dear” (a sitcom… the reruns play on TBS).  In this scene, as at least one in every episode on every sitcom, the woman berates the husband for some idiotic thing that he did or did not do, and he is made to look like an idiot.  And then I thought how horrible it is that that is the image of husbands and fathers that is being perpetrated in our culture.  Men, husbands, fathers, are not neccessarily idiots!  They think and act differently than us, and we just don’t understand it.  These shows are so emasculating and lead us to expect that kind of behavior from men, and even accept it as normal, when, in fact, it is not.

For example, I have a wonderful, thoughtful husband.  Sometimes, though, he doesn’t fill up the water filter pitcher thing.  This irritates me, but I ask him nicely to fill it next time he is about to put it back in the fridge empty.  Problem solved.  Now, on a sitcom, the woman would badger the husband until…. well… until he wanted to live on the corner of a roof!

When I sit here and think about it, it makes me really irritated at myself that I laugh at these shows which paint such a disrespectful picture of men and women and marriage.  So.  I think that I’m making up my mind not to watch these shows and become indoctrinated by the idea that this is what I should aspire to become.  A shrew.


2 thoughts on “Sitcoms

  1. It is really hard to watch shows that make light of subjects that hurt so many people and marriages. Because the truth is, a marriage that functions like that seen on Everybody Loves Raymond and others is not actually funny to someone who is living it. Not funny to a man whose wife is mean to him. Not funny to a woman who feels no support from her husband in the home.

    I am realizing more and more that I don’t like or respect the view our culture has on fathers and their place in child rearing. I think it is affecting moms and dads in a very negative way. I also think there are a load of untruths on this subject floating around Christian circles and being accepted as norm. Booo.

    We really enjoy Big Bang Theory and Chuck. 😉

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