Death By Chocolate

So anyone who knows me, even just a little, probably knows that I like to bake chocolate chip cookies, and love all things sweet.  Well, my mom has often made fun of me for baking only chocolate chip cookies, and told me that for Andrew’s sake, I should branch out with my baking skills.  So last night we ate dinner at Andrew’s sister’s house, and I was to bring dessert.  At first, I just thought that I would bring the usual, but then my mom’s words came to mind.  I started looking through some cookbooks to see if there were any recipes that used things I already had so that I wouldn’t have to make a grocery store run.  And then, I saw it.  “Death by Chocolate”.  That was it, of course I would make that!

Here are a few pictures of my creation.  I have to say… I was a little embarrassed at its looks… and was a little nervous about how it would taste.

CakeView from the top

And here is a picture of me… just a little unsure of my creation.

meunsureAs it turns out, it tasted okay.  Not fantastic, but pretty okay.


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