Not Who I Was

Sometimes I look back and am so glad that I am not who I was.  I think about high school a lot, and the self righteous judgmental person that I was, and hope that I am not the same person.  Even when I look back two years ago to my junior year of college, specifically, the first semester of nursing school.  I was so proud of the fact that I was already working in the hospital as a tech, and had been a medical assistant.  I am so ashamed when I look back at the way that I behaved.  Do you ever just wish you could erase some moments in time… like the ones when you behave badly?  I sure do.

Getting older should mean getting wiser, and I certainly hope that I have learned from my bad behavior in the past.   Too bad you can’t always show the people you wronged that you have grown and that you recognize your stupidity.  Because what really bothers me is that people who knew/know I am Christian might associate my bad behavior with Christ.  And that is certainly not how Christ should be perceived.


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