Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson died today.  Her family took her off of life support after a skiing accident.

I’m usually not this affected by celebrity tragedy, but my family went through something like this in October when my cousin died that was totally unexpected.  I am so sad for her husband, Liam Neeson, and their two teenage boys.  Natasha was only 45.  I keep thinking that I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I lost my mom so young and I am so sad for them.

The only movie that I have ever seen her in is “The Parent Trap” (the one with Lindsay Lohan).

I am so sad.


One thought on “Natasha Richardson

  1. I know next to nothing about her, but I’ve been very sad too reading about this. Just thinking about her husband and her kids and praying for them in the suddenness of it all.

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