Smelly Dog

You know that song “Smelly Cat” that Phoebe in Friends sings?  Well, I have a dog that fits.

Last night Andy was really stinky so Andrew gave him a bath during a non-fight scene of “Casino Royale”.  Once he’s done, Andrew puts Andy on a few towels in the living room and then decides to put some flea gel on the dog’s back.  It’s a gel that you just put along the dog’s back, and we’ve used it before with no problem.  Well, as soon as Andrew puts it on, Andy goes to hide under a table, then he tries to come on the couch with me (of course, I shove him off), then he tries to get on more furniture.  Then Andrew realizes that Andy has a hot spot and that the gel is probably burning him.  Oops!  So Andrew goes to wash it off, and then wraps him up in a towel.  Feeling badly for the dog, I say “Why don’t you wrap him up in a towel and hold him?”  This sounds like a good idea to Andrew, so he sits back down with the dog in his lap.  I look over at Andrew and Andy, and the dog is shaking so hard that he is actually making Andrew shake.  After a few minutes he settled down and relaxed because his idol was holding him.

This morning he still stinks.


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