I just thought I would let you know that it is possible to live without a microwave.  A few weeks ago, Andrew and I were at a seminar and the doctor there told us all about the evils of microwaves.  We weren’t totally convinced to chuck our microwave right away, but we did want to reduce our need for it.  Turns out, the microwave wanted us to reduce our use of it, too.  So much so that it broke.  Now we have no microwave.  We’re doing okay; the only negative is that we can’t pop our bagged popcorn.  Oh, well!  At least we’re protecting our bodies from radiation!  🙂


One thought on “Microwave

  1. We don’t microwave much either.
    You need a Whirly-pop popcorn popper. Andrew’s parents gave us one for our wedding almost ten years ago and it’s still our favorite way to make popcorn. Fast, easy, and healthy.

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