Valentine’s Day

I used to really hate Valentine’s Day in high school.  All of the “candy gram” crap was just one more way to make the single, insecure teenager feel more insecure, more alone, and more unloved.  Yuck!  I did actually get a candy gram one year.  But I threw it away because the guy who sent it to me liked me, I didn’t like him back; it creeped me out.

Anyway, for the last few years, Valentine’s day really hasn’t liked me.  My sophomore year of college I got the eight hour flu and had to leave micro lab to throw up in the hallway.  My mom and pregnant aunt who was in town on vacation had to come pick me up from school.  Andrew thought that I was lying when I told him that I was sick.  When he came to sit with me while I waited for my mom, he realized that I am not a liar.  Last year I was still really weak from having surgery two weeks earlier, so Andrew and I did nothing but watch movies and exchange cards.  He was so sweet though, he spent every free moment by my side while I was recovering.  I have such a great husband.

This year, Andrew surprised me by taking me to Leu Gardens where we met up with another couple from our small group, and we went to a concert in the park.  It was lovely!  But right before we got there my head started pounding.  It was horrible.  I had no medicine.  So we get into the park, and Katelyn didn’t have any meds either, but suggested a glass of wine.  Great suggestion, but my head was still pounding.  We ended up having to leave early because I was feeling so yucky.  While we were there, though, we had a great time.  The concert was wonderful, and the husbands did a phenomenal job with dinner and dessert.

Even though my body doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, I still do.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh you made me laugh! I too hated Vday during high school, specifically because of those dang blasted candy grams! Sorry about your headache on this year’s festivities!

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