I am so dang lazy.  I’m really starting to wish that I worked more than three days a week.  It seems like I don’t know how to be productive if I don’t have a long list of things to do.  With a deadline.  I really need those.  So last week I looked online at part time home health jobs.  I decided those did not look fun.  So Tuesday evening I sent an e-mail to a an organization that I would like to volunteer with.

I am so disappointed in myself for doing nothing and wasting so many days.  There is so much that I could accomplish with my time off, and all that I seem to do is sit on my butt in front of the television and sometimes bake some cookies.  Heather must think that I make them every day because every time we see them I have just baked a fresh batch.  Anyway, I want to take James 1:27 seriously and live out my faith by serving others, not myself.  I want to stop wasting time.  I know that I am not guaranteed tomorrow, and it would be so horrible to spend my last day on earth having done nothing in my Lord’s service.

Ugh.  I hate wasting time.


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