25 Things

Reposted from Facebook

1. I love chocolate.

2. I’m trying really hard to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle.

3. Even though I’m trying to eat healthier, I won’t give up chocolate/dessert. I will try to make the things I bake a little healthier, though, like by substituting applesauce for vegetable oil.

4. I play the piano, and wish that I could still take lessons… or at least that I was really good at it.

5. I love my job. A lot. It makes me sad when I get sick or called off and can’t go in.

6. I would love to be a great writer. Unfortunately, my vocabulary and writing skills have greatly diminished since Comp II sophomore year at UCF.

7. I am a grammar freak. Oh, and a spelling freak, too.

8. I tend to be overly critical. I’m working on it.

9. I love babies, that’s pretty much the reason that I love my job.

10. I’m an avid TV watcher. It’s the great time waster… I’m working on it.

11. Starbucks break at work is the best thing ever!

12. I am not very good at decorating.  What I need to do is to look at a Pottery Barn magazine and buy things that look exactly like what is in the picture.

13. I used to love playing dress up with my mom’s high heels and make up.

14. I am now obsessed with the idea of buying an older home and fixing it up.

15. My favorite time of the day is at night when Andrew and I are going to sleep and we just get to talk.

16. I love to bake, but I pretty much hate cooking.

17. I would love to travel one day. So far I’ve been to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

18. I want to have four kids. And I want them all to have really cool, unusual names. So far all of my choices have been shot down.

19. I was born in Connecticut. There’s snow there. I’d really like to play in the snow.

20. My dream car is a Nissan Murano.

21. I’m not outdoorsy. I’d like to think that I am…. but I’d really be lying.

22. The one time that my family tried to go camping, I prayed for rain. The Lord heard my prayer. I was ecstatic… my dad was not. He had to pack up the soaking wet camp site and drive all over Atlanta trying to find a hotel while us kids fell asleep in back.

23. Andy and I are now friends.

24. Everyone says that I should go back to grad school, but I’m not so sure. I can’t see myself going back unless I get really frustrated with my job.

25. This probably should have been number one… but I am Child of the King. I don’t love Him nearly as well as I should, but praise Him, He loves me anyway.


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