He’s Just Not That Into You

I saw the movie He’s Just Not That Into You today.  I had wanted to see it for a while, so this afternoon the wives from our connect group went while the husbands played football.  It started out really great, but then (spoiler alert), a married guy has an affair and totally screws up his marriage.  His wife is willing to work on their marriage, and he says that he wants to… but he keeps having the affair!  She finally figures it out and kicks him out.  It just made me so mad.  All of the other story lines turned out fine… but it’s just that one that gets to me.  Marriage is sacred.  Why do people make adultery seem like no big deal?!


2 thoughts on “He’s Just Not That Into You

  1. For all the hype this movie has gotten, I really don’t want to see it. Maybe it’s pretentious of me, I don’t know; but I’m kind of over “relationship” movies that do not in any way represent real relationships and how they work.

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