365 Days

Today is the one year mark since that crazy surgery.  I have been tumor free for a year!  A lot has gone on in the last year, and I am pleased to admit that I am wonderfully and undeservedly blessed.

If you have seen any of my Facebook notes, this will look a little familiar, but here it is anyway.  In the last year:

  • I had a 9 hour surgery which involved removing two vertebrae, a rib and a half, moving my heart and lungs, and fusing my spine from T7-11.
  • I slept through the Super Bowl… but it’s okay… my team didn’t win.
  • I saw great nurses, and I saw really mean ones.
  • I formulated letters to administrators in my head about the mean nurses.
  • I made it through a really yucky recovery involving immobility, yuckiness, loneliness, frustration, pain, and joy.
  • I realized for the 500 millionth time what a great family I have.
  • I realized for the goodness knows how many times what a great man God had blessed me with.
  • I learned for the umpteenth time that God is worthy of my trust.  More than worthy, in fact.
  • I made it back to school/clinical within 2 weeks of surgery.
  • I began and finished radiation treatment and physical therapy.
  • I bought my wedding dress.
  • I didn’t graduate with the rest of my friends.
  • I did get the perfect practicum assignment.
  • I started back to work as a tech at ORMC.  I got really tired.  Especially when I was doing two shifts of work, and 2-3 shifts for school.
  • I finished school and graduated!
  • I was given the job of my dreams–neonatal nurse at Winnie Palmer Hospital.
  • My wedding dress was temporarily lost.  Praise the Lord, my money, and the dress, were recovered.
  • An article about me was written in the Orlando Sentinel.
  • I began my job, and loved it.
  • I finished planning my wedding.
  • I got married to the love of my life!
  • And then I had one more blessed month of work before the New Year began.
  • Oh, and none of this was my work.  All of the good stuff was the result of a Mighty God living in me.

Although I would never wish to undergo that horrible surgery/recovery again, nor would I wish it on anyone; I am glad that it happened.  The Lord taught me a lot about myself, my family, my friends, and Him.  He continues to reinforce those things that He taught me last year, as well as a few new things as an indirect result.  I have been indescribably blessed this year, and I am so grateful.  I am thankful, also, for all of those who have stood with me in prayer this past year, and for all of you have touched my heart.  Thank you.  And Happy New Year (only a month late).


One thought on “365 Days

  1. Hey Erin! I found your blog again. Thanks for the fun night on Sunday and providing such interesting reading material!! Looking forward to Saturday!

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