Inaugural Thoughts

Here are my thoughts as I watched the inauguration:

Eh… I don’t really care… but it is pretty historic… I guess I should watch.

Yeah!  Rick Warren!  I tuned in at the right time.

Lord, thank You for using Rev. Warren, thank You for having President Obama choose him for the invocation.

Aretha, one of the number one singing rules is don’t take breaths in the middle of words! (I know, I’m horrible for picking apart a musical legend)

Gosh, I wish that I could be excited instead of picking apart Ms. Franklin’s performance.

Ooohh!  Yo-Yo Ma and the others are doing such a great job!  They sound terrific!

Do I have to stand if I’m at home?

You know, it’s 1205, technically, Mr. Obama is already President.

Poor guy, he must be so nervous.  Mrs. Obama looks really nice.

Bye, President Bush!  😦  God bless you and your family!!!!

I didn’t vote for him, and I disagree with almost every single one of his policies, but I’m proud of our country, and I’m proud to be an American.

President Bush looks so sad.  I’m sorry that the last few years didn’t go too well for his administration.

If our schools are failing so miserably, why does funding (at least in Florida) continue to be slashed??

His speech is pretty good.

“We will defeat you,” take that, enemies of America!

“Your people will judge you based on what you can build, not what you can destroy.”

“We can no longer afford indifference to the suffering outside our borders.”  Please, please, end the suffering in Darfur!

I get bored during long speeches… even good ones.

Aww… cute little girl sleeping.  She must be freezing!!

I think it’s funny that so many people on the stage with President Obama have their little cameras out and are taking pictures.

That woman has the “distinct pleasure” of everything.

Why doesn’t Mrs. Obama get to sit next to her husband?

I guess the good part is over, all of the people on the Mall are leaving.

Okay, I see, the President is sitting with the Vice-Pres.

Wow, this minister likes the rhymes.

Hey!  There’s the inventor of the internet!

Go NAVY!!!!!

I would sooo join the Navy if my job was to sing.

Hey, people!  Stay in place during the National Anthem!  You don’t move until the last note dies!!!!!

Welcome to office, Mr. President.  I sincerely wish you and your family the best.  May God guide you and grant you peace.


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