The Escape Artist

So, of course, as soon as I write that Andy is being good and staying in “his” area at night, he decides that he doesn’t like his little area.  Last night he scaled the gate about five times.  Usually Andrew gets up and puts him back, and he did the first few times, but then Andy got out twice around 6 am, so I got up because I wanted Andrew to be able to sleep before work.  The first time I put him right back into the gated area.  The second time, he waited about 10 minutes and then got out again.  Now, I was getting a little irritated, because I wanted to sleep.  Andy’s chances were up.  This time, he was staying in the bathroom.  But, of course, he wasn’t happy there either and it didn’t take long before we could hear him scratching at the door.  We didn’t really care–it was time to sleep.


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