Oh, Oprah

I shouldn’t have been surprised on Monday when I was watching Oprah and one of her guests, Rev. Ed Bacon, proclaimed that being gay was a gift from God.  I also shouldn’t have been surprised when Rev. Bacon said that the e-mail and phone calls he received after making his comment were overwhelmingly positive, but that the meanest comments he received were from “right wingers”, i.e. self proclaimed evangelical Christians.  There was so much in that 5 minute segment that saddened me.  One, it grieves my heart that Christians would be so mean spirited that they would lash out in anger to make purposely hurtful comments.  It also grieves my heart that this is what is becoming characteristic of conservative Christians.  Being a conservative Christian myself, and also disagreeing with Rev. Bacon’s comments, I can understand being angry at distortion of the Word of God, but I also recognize Christ’s command to not sin out of anger.  It makes me so sad, and angry, when Christians react with such negativity.  Is that really reflective of Christ?  No.  Is Rev. Bacon incorrect in his interpretation of Scripture?  Yes.  Is it helpful when hundreds of angry conservatives e-mail him with berating words?  Absolutely not.


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