Let me just preface this post by saying that I am not a dog lover, but if you have a dog and love him/her, I’m glad.

Last summer, Andrew and I became the (proud?) parents of a new dog named Andy.  Andy is Andrew’s grandfather’s dog who Andrew volunteered to take in when his grandfather became ill.  The funny thing is that we had just decided that we wouldn’t get a dog until we had kids, and they were old enough to help care for said animal.

Andrew really likes Andy, but I have taken a good long time to warm up to him.  I started to get used to Andy before Andrew and I were married, and had even started to like him a little bit.  So while we were on our honeymoon, Andrew’s parents graciously offered to keep the dog for us; they even broke him of the habit of sleeping in the bedroom.  Then, they brought him home.  Andy immediately started scratching at the door relentlessly as soon as we went to bed.  To make it worse, we both had to get up early the next morning.  So Andrew had the brilliant idea of putting dining room chairs in front of our door to block Andy’s access.  Andy was determined to get through, though.  Andrew then had to put cushions in front of the chairs to further deter the dog.  It worked for a few days, but Andy was still determined to complain at being locked out. Our bedroom has a sliding glass door which Andy figured out he could scratch and get our attention.  Now, we put up with all of this for several weeks before we were really sick of it and made him stay the night in the bathroom.  This worked really well the first night, but the second night he started howling at about 3 am.  So we gave up on that idea and finally bought a baby gate to try to contain him in the hall.  Previously, Andy has had problems with gates, namely, he scales them.  At first we didn’t know if we needed to use the gate, but then sometimes we would wake up to “gifts” (thank goodness we have tile), or he would have his hairy behind on my couch.

So we decided to try the gate in spite of his inability to stay penned up.  Again, the first night, he did great!  I was so excited that we had found a solution that all three of could live with; I was proud of the little guy.  The next night, Andy started to scale the gate.  Andrew had to put him back about 3 times.  Poor Andrew is so good; he’s usually the one to hear the little escape artist while I sleep.  The next few nights, we played the in and out game, but I think Andy has finally decided to stay put.

Now that Andy is being good, we’re finally starting to bond, and even like each other a bit.  Now if he would just stop pooping in the neighbor’s yard.

Andy boy, doggy boyAndy boy, doggy boy

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